Asia Special Line D2D
The elite shipping service already covers Pakistan and India, and maintains close cooperation with international first-class shipping companies.
Elite provides customers with cargo declaration, customs clearance and export transshipment, warehouse and charter package services in India and Pakistan
Air Transport
Elite tailor-made service for Asian customers:
door to door service.
In the Asian region, the elite have opened shipping services in Pakistan and India, offering double clearing and parcel taxes, and the goods can be delivered directly to the door. It saves the client a lot of time
Pakistan、 IndiaSpecial Line D2D

Every day flight, every day container loading, aging security, price advantage

There are elite teams at home and abroad

The whole course provides you with one to one consultant type service

Multiple cooperative airlines

Maintain close cooperation with multiple airlines and maintain stable shipping schedule

The whole

After placing the order, we will carry the goods

into the warehouse for clearance and delivery. The customer can check the goods at any time

Direct channel

China is quick to direct

India, Pakistan, do not open the container to guarantee the safety of goods

Strong warehouse

Multiple warehouses are distributed around the world

Each big market, lets you take delivery more convenient

Fast time

Provide you with self-service cargo tracking, anytime anywhere query

Contact number
Address of Chinese company

Suixin creative park, shicha road, baiyun district, guangzhou city, guangdong provinceD 202